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Monica Rose/Mother Nature: :iconsistersgrimmpuck:
Jack Frost: :iconamionthenaughtlist: :iconjackfrostwolf:
North/Santa Claus:
Bunnymund/Easter Bunny: :iconaurorabluewolf:
Tooth/Tooth Fairy: :iconshoyzzfanart:
Sandy/Sandman: :iconferadami:
Venus Winters: :iconpeacegrrl:
Kiki Black/Reincarnated Fear: :iconamelia-nite:
Mew Mund/Halloween Spirit: :iconraven-blackice:
Aria/Butterfly Keeper: :iconstitchesandsmiles:
Cupid Voluptas/Cupid Eros: :iconvawliet:
Nat/Mother Nature: :iconagentliri:
Pele/Volcano Goddess: :iconaurorafox:
Polaris Normastro/North Star: :iconsistersgrimmpuck:
Shyla/Light Goddess: :iconflutiepatutie106:
Meggie/Guardian of Imagination: :iconsimati:
Boogeyman: :iconsimati:
Father Time: :iconmuiscdreamer:
Verdandi/Present Time: :iconmuiscdreamer:
Skuld/Future: :iconmuiscdreamer:
Urd/Past: :iconmuiscdreamer:
Suger Plum Fairy: :icon390chan:
Taylor/Daughter of Earth: :iconflutiepatutie106:
Echo/Guardian of Leadership: :iconsistersgrimmpuck:
Grim/Grim Reaper: :iconstitchesandsmiles:
Mary McGann/The Morrigan: :icontimelordthevalkyrie:
Aurora Borealis/Guardian of Belief: :iconsistersgrimmpuck:
Meadow/Guardian of Faith: :iconlooneyartist:
Kendra Clairemonte/Guardian of Valentines: :iconprenncooder:
Carly Clairemonte/Spirit of New Year: :iconprenncooder:
Scarlett/Guardian of Imagination: :iconooyour-imaginationoo:
Bella Vee/Guardian of Revenge: :iconveekaizhanez:
Shiranui-Amaterasu/Guardian of Creativity: :iconaliceblackroxxe:
Lady Luck/Maneki-Neko: :iconvawliet:
Priya/Auntieji Karma: :iconvawliet:
Evie/Gaurdian of Happiness and Joy: :iconwintergirl4199:
Näkki/Guardian of Secrets: :iconsecret-youknowthat:
Evangeline/Guardian of Mysteries: :iconsistersgrimmpuck:
Kuro/Angel of Death: :iconkuroneko-tan:
May Spring/Guardian of Strengh: :iconsistersgrimmpuck:
Ethelfleda/Guardian of Inner Beauty: :iconsistersgrimmpuck:
June Summers/Summer Spirit: :iconroseandarkholm:
Safiya: :iconartistintheredcorset:
Star: :iconask-guardianofwishes:
SilverWind/Guardian of Trust: :iconlunawind429:
Seera/Guardian of Secrets: :iconlunawind429:
Autumn Leaves/Guardian of Past: :iconsistersgrimmpuck:
Joy Winters/Former Guardian: :iconladyrwidow:
Neo Years/Guardian of Spirit: :iconfreelance-writer:
Tetra/Guardian of Mind: :iconnamma2:
Infia/Guardian of Mischief: :iconlunawind429:
Misty Haze/Spirit of water: :iconninjachickie:
Blossom/Guardian of Love: :iconxxangelwithstockings:
Marine/Guardian of Adventure: :iconbananahfart:
Robin/Guardian of Thieves: :iconbananahfart:
Ebony Woods/Spirit of Fall/Guardian of Maturity: :iconsatsumaimo-kun:

Join & comment if you want to make up your own guardian! You can add more than one OC!

Gallery Folders

'I will always be with you' mericcup by alchemist1809
modern .: Rapunzel :. (anime style) by alchemist1809
.: Merida :. chibi by alchemist1809
Berk Storyteller by alchemist1809
Jack Frost
Jack Frost by Euterpya
Jack Frost by Euterpya
Jack Frost by Euterpya
Jack Frost by Euterpya
Santa Claus aka North
Christmas Countdown 2015:  Nicholas st. North by kakashisgirlfighter
Guardian of Wonder by InkArtWriter
North don't care by ohmygoskjackfrost
North by IcyFlames296
Bunnymund aka Easter Bunny
Guardian of Hope by InkArtWriter
So you're a Bunny? by ZombieOwl
ROTG -- ''There's still one more egg.'' by Elvenstar-Imrahil
Guardian Academia: Chapter 5, Page 4 by ZombieOwl
Tooth aka Tooth Fairy
Toothy by RaeSalander
Toothiana my Way by FoxDragonLover
Guardian of Memories by InkArtWriter
Toothiana by RaeSalander
Sandy aka Sandman
Christmas Countdown 2016:  Sandy by kakashisgirlfighter
Sandy the Guardian of Dreams by Comicgirl20
Guardian of Dreams by InkArtWriter
Rise of the Guardian: Sandman Inspired Outfit by RockerChic21
Pitch by RaeSalander
Memories by RaeSalander
Rest by RaeSalander
Stylized Pitch by FoxDragonLover
Animation Test by NoelNoelle
RotBTFD: The Moon's Light Book Cover #1 by 2ne1kpoprockergirl

Mature Content the Act! by bloodrosered
.: RotBTD :. by alchemist1809
RotG Holidays
Couples Crossovers and Groups
Jack Frost n Danny Phantom:IT NEVER DID HAPPEN p16 by chillydragon
The Guardians of Childhood
Tsar Lunar (outdated) by FoxDragonLover


DreamWorks CGI Movie Titles by ESPIOARTWORK-102 DreamWorks CGI Movie Titles :iconespioartwork-102:ESPIOARTWORK-102 15 7 ROTG Characters Color Hues by ESPIOARTWORK-102 ROTG Characters Color Hues :iconespioartwork-102:ESPIOARTWORK-102 13 4 DreamWorks Animation Movie Minimalist 1 by ESPIOARTWORK-102 DreamWorks Animation Movie Minimalist 1 :iconespioartwork-102:ESPIOARTWORK-102 9 0 Jack Frost (ROTG) and Wasp (AEMH) by ESPIOARTWORK-102 Jack Frost (ROTG) and Wasp (AEMH) :iconespioartwork-102:ESPIOARTWORK-102 13 4 Jack Frost centaur by SoihtuSS Jack Frost centaur :iconsoihtuss:SoihtuSS 49 3
RotG oneshot: Fireworks
The oppressive summer heat had begun to fade as the sun set, the humidity dropping as the Earth cooled.  Toothiana exhaled a sigh of relief as she and her fairies made their way to North America, grateful for the coming night.  After all, the greater the heat and humidity, the more difficult it was to go about the business of collecting teeth.  Fairy wings were thin and delicate, and the humidity would drag them down, making them too heavy to fly with.  Even Tooth's wings, large as they were, wouldn't have been able to support her for sustained flight if the sun hadn't set and taken the heat of the day with it.
They hadn't gone very far into the United States before dozens of her fairies started letting out squeaks of excitement and many of them began to point enthusiastically.
"What?" Tooth asked, surprised.  She banked hard in mid-flight, trying to turn around and see what the fuss was about.  "What's going on, girls?"
The fairies swarmed her, chirping e
:iconyoru-the-rogue:Yoru-the-Rogue 8 2
Jack Frost: Keep believing by Wie-e Jack Frost: Keep believing :iconwie-e:Wie-e 104 41 Upcoming project: Jack Frost [done] by Wie-e Upcoming project: Jack Frost [done] :iconwie-e:Wie-e 28 26 Pitch Black by endyspring Pitch Black :iconendyspring:endyspring 19 2 Shining Bright by Leilani-Lily Shining Bright :iconleilani-lily:Leilani-Lily 25 27 The Birth of a Googie by 24Autumnights The Birth of a Googie :icon24autumnights:24Autumnights 43 6 Happy Easter Mate by Wolflover1086 Happy Easter Mate :iconwolflover1086:Wolflover1086 118 46 Happy Valentine (Elsa and Jack) by MissMikopete Happy Valentine (Elsa and Jack) :iconmissmikopete:MissMikopete 251 40 Jack Frost cosplay ~ we're gonna have a little fun by LuXoN94 Jack Frost cosplay ~ we're gonna have a little fun :iconluxon94:LuXoN94 28 10
A Heart of Gold~ Sandman x Reader: Chapter 1
A Heart of Gold
A fan-made short story based off of  the DreamWorks film “Rise of the Guardians”
By: Lily (Leilane)
The sun is a magical thing. Or at least, through a child’s eyes it is. It lights up the entire sky, and makes a child’s heart soar when playing outside among friends. Looking so friendly, the glowing sphere offers peace, safety, and a day filled with happiness. Truly, the daytime is the most exciting time.
However, all good things must come to an end, and that includes the sun’s time in the sky. Usually kids are scared of the night, seeing it as a dark and scary time. However, one child grew to prefer the power of the moon to the sun.
That child, is you.
And this, this is your story.
                Chapter One: A Normal Life
:iconleilani-lily:Leilani-Lily 122 26
A Heart of Gold~ Sandman x Reader: Chapter 2
                        Chapter Two: Meeting the Sandman
         Darkenss. That’s all you can see. You stumble around, looking for anything, a friend, your mother, a friendly face; anyone. But there’s nothing. Nothing but pitch black.
         Suddenly, you see a shadow move from the corner of your eye. You whirl around to see what it was, but it quickly disappears. Soon, you see lots of movement swirling around you, all blurred, but you know something’s there.
         Your eyes finally adjust to the darkness, and you realize the blurred shadows are horses. Not just any horses though, they seem… different. Their eyes glow a shade of yellow, and the look as if their scowling at you. Terrified, you try to escape, but the dark horses continue to sprint around you, slowing closing in.
You cannot escape~
:iconleilani-lily:Leilani-Lily 58 32








Recent Journal Entries

Hey guys!

So in the previous journal entry, I mentioned the animation team that :iconchillydragon: was creating. Now, there's a contest for a title card. The winning entry will be used for the first Jack and Elsa fan-made animation. If anyone is interested, the information is here:…

That's all for now!
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A fan club for the Dreamworks movie Rise of the Guardians! We will have folders for deviations. Some of these folders will be Jack Frost, Santa Clause, Easter Bunny etc. THIS IS THE PLACE FOR A LEGENDARY LIFE!
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Oct 16, 2012


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